Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cigarettes. Will kill you.

Cigarettes will kill you
But so will plane crashes
Swimming pools
Stray bullets
And fast food.

But theres nothing else
That hits you in the chest
and makes you feel alive









Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Instant Vintage

Everything is old again, yet everything is new. And here we are again, for the first time.

Its a late night, an early morning. The sun should be up soon and I'm trying to hide from it. But I can't get back to sleep. Its not insomnia; my brain never shuts up.

This is the time when I come up with my best work. But when I read it the next day, it seems too bold. Not the right tone. I don't even use it. What a waste.

The car is in the shop again. Its only been a month. Transmission.

She told me I could stay with her a few days. I needed a ride to work, she didn't want to be lonely. Its been a long time since the last time. Everything is old again, yet everything is new.

I started drinking again. I highly recommend it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coming in April: Broacasting live from Santanaheim

The lease is signed, the deposit check cleared, and im packing my dishes in fishwrap (aka The Register). April 1st, me and my associates Tony Clifton and Black Stephan will be moving into what has already been dubbed "Uncouth Manor". No it ain't an April Fools Joke, and don't worry the blog will still be reppin' SanTana (with some Anaheim coverage thrown in). Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Filter Magazine presents Shift 1 Year Anniversary... and apparently my blog has the power to control minds??

Well holy fuck, what do we have here??

Seems as if my random thoughts have been answered from my last post. Could I be I made that happen with my MIND?? Damn I sure hope not, the planet would be in serious trouble if I had that sort of power. So moving on...

The 1 year anniversary (what, are club nights born in Feb/March??) of Shift is going down at The Crosby tonight, and judging by what ive seen Numark do the past few times ive seen him, this should be sick. Plus I haven't had The Crosby's incredible sweet potato fries (please forget everything you know about fries and order some NOW) in quite sometime, so here I have a convinient excuse to enjoy both. YOU have a convinient excuse to follow my lead and The Crosby has a convinient excuse to say that my blog doesn't control their event callendar... yeah right. Hmmm, maybe my next post should be about free sweet potato fries for all bloggers named D. Goliath?? Ok, ill stop now.

Filter Magazine presents Shift 1 Yr. Anniversary (feat. DJ Numark, Rhettmatic) and Plann.B tonight at The Crosby, 400 N. Broadway, SanTana. 10pm, FREE.

Bridges Anniversary @ El Cid

(OK, Im going to post more than once a yr. from now on. Ferreals.)
The 7th anniversary of Bridges at El Cid in LA was truly an event to remember (Big ups to Mykill Miers for the VIP invite). Ever witnessed Mark Luv, Icy Ice and Numark kill it on 4 turntables?? Alrite, then.
Classic hip hop, soul, funk and just about every old school b-boy break ever dug was cut and mixed to perfection, as the treacherous three ruled over a packed floor. Now, I know it may sound like im hyping shit up too much. But with all the "hip hop is SERIOUSLY dead now" chatter floating around lately, just seeing these guys kill it (in a packed house with the crowd going nuts) helps remind me this shit ain't goin nowhere. Not to mention that the Spanish decor at El Cid took me back to Unity at the Hacienda in the late 90's... the dj's were already providing the soundtrack.
And on that note, word is that Mark Luv is bringing Unity back to LA (?!?!?!) sometime soon. Keep your eyes peeled for THAT. And while I can't hope for events like these in the 714, maybe all this underground activity will somehow rub off on Santa Ana? (Crosby? Im feelin' the old school club nights, but some of us like it rugged like Rawanda. I know ya'll do too. Holla.)
Til next post (Im serious, your homie's back on his grizzy), PEACE.
(PS: Shoutout to the big homie Toney Clifton AKA Sing Song, and his brand-new mail order hustle. I see you, pimpin!!!!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy 420 (If your still into that sort of thing)

I never really fully understood the "stoner's holiday" of 4/20. Some people say 420 was a police code for possession, or growing. Some say it was the address of some guy in Humboldt County that moved major weight. Some people literally think that April 20th (and 4:20 PM) is the best time to get high because of the allignment of the planets or some bullshit. (Then there's the somewhat creepy fact that it's also Hitler's birthday.) So whatever the real story may be, I never could figure it out. But for many years I was happy (proud, even) to partake in the rituals of the holiday: getting fucked up as much as possible on weed (and whatever other drugs was available), to the point where I couldn't remember shit.

there's lots of different reasons people smoke. Some have legitimate pain and need it for their medicine. Some can balance their smoking with the rest of their life and just be laid back. Some only do it once in a while and don't have a problem craving it. But here's what I think. If your above the age of 25, have kids, have a job of reasonable responsibility or just can't get your shit together, then you should quit. You can keep smoking but you will look like an idiot. You will look like the person who's still at the party at 5:00am witha lampshade on their head, dancing to a skipping record while everyone else is either passed out or has gone home. You'll be like an old guy who shows up at the skatepark trying to make friends with the teenagers. Or an old lady who still wears shirts that say "Flirt" and "Slut". And you won't even realize it because you'll be so detached from reality.
Sorry to sound like a Partnership For A Drug Free America Ad, but I didn't party today for the first time in like a decade. And I didn't do much today, but I can remember everything I did and I know I didn't look like a fucking stoner while I was doing it. So, go me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So, today ive got 9 months sober. Continuously. Including weekends. And coincidentally, its almost exactly 1 month until my 29th birthday (which I now consider my 20th birthday, which may be confusing, but that's a whole 'nother blog post). So understandibly, ive been doing a lot of reflection and realized that this will be the first time (since I was like, 15) that I didn't celebrate by birthday by getting rediculously high or drunk. I also started thinking about what ive had for my birthday cake every year: Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and Rocky Road ice cream. And just as the thought of eating that combination of confections crossed my mind, I thought: "Wow, that's FUCKING DISGUSTING!"

I guess I never realized how much of an addict I really was, right down to my yearly artery-clogging candle-holder. I now realize that I used to ingest cake the same way I used to imbebe pints of Stella or shoot Jagerbombs: find the most extreme variation (or at least a high alcohol content), and force your body to comply with your insanity. Every year I would go out on my birthday proclaiming that I wanted to get so fucked up that I couldn't remember anything the next day. I would usually STILL remember everything anyway, but mostly it would just be about how drunk and high I was before 11pm, and how I started talking shit and just being a trainwreck in general. So this year is finally going to be different. I want to celebrate for about 3 weeks, hit up some shows, some clubs, and whatever the hell else goes down in the meantime. I want to remember everything, and I want to enjoy it this time.

Oh and a carrot cake sounds good this year. Change it up for once. Maybe with some coconut ice cream? Who knows, ill jump off that bridge when I get to it.